Haiku Hoopla creator, Leena Prasad, talks about her experience with haiku:

Q&A for Haiku Hoopla 1. Please share a haiku you have written.

what is the size of
the space between your dreams
and your realities

2. Why did you pick this one? I think the theme will resonate with many people.

3. How many have you written? How often do you write? What inspires you? I don't know exactly, perhaps close to a 100. I'm inspired by random moments and thus write randomly.

4. Why do your write haiku? How did you get started? I write it to journal my emotional and intellectual life. The 140 character limit of twitter inspired me to start writing at @notexactlyhaiku.

5. Do you work with other forms related to haiku, like renga or senryu or haiga? My "haikus" don't follow the traditional haiku or senryu forms but fall somewhere in-between. I wrote one-haiku/senryu-a-day for the April 2009 national poetry month. This led to a series of drawings inspired by the haikus which led to a collection of haiga, in my book not exactly haiku and iPhone app. I have tried some renga but not much. I plan to use Haiku Hoopla to provide a format for the creation of collaborative renga.

6. What advice would you give to aspiring haiku writers? Just do it! It's only 3 lines. Come to Haiku Hoopla for support and inspiration.

7. Where can people read your haikus?